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Bike Parts


All prices are for labour only, parts will be quoted separately.

Rest assured the mechanic will always check with you that you would like to go ahead with a repair and the associated costs before any work is carried out. 


Front inner tube fitting  £8-15

Rear inner tube fitting  £10-20

Tyre fitting  £8-15

Tubeless setup  £14-20

Sealant top up  £10-16

True wheel  £8-30

Wheel build  £50

Wheel bearings remove
and fit new  £14-30

Tighten cones  £8-20


Adjust headset  £6-10

Headset remove and fit new  £15-30

Headset remove and fit new
on aero frame  £60-150

Custom bike builds

Build new bike from box  £35-50

Pack bike down into box  £40-60

For further information regarding bike builds, click here


Adjust front  £10-16

Adjust disc brakes  £14-30

Brake cable fitting  £10-16

Internal brake cable fitting  £14-35

Brake pads fitting  £10-16

Brake bleed  £20-40 (inc fluid)

Disc brake pad fitting and
rotor degrease  £16-20

Fitting brake calliper  £5-15


Remove and fit new bottom
bracket  £20-40

Remove and fit new pedals  £5-20

Fit chain guard  £15-40


Remove and fit new chain  £5

Remove and fit new cassette
or freewheel  £10

Remove and fit new chain, cassette
or freewheel  £15-25



Remove bottom bracket  £40-70

Remove seized seat post  £20-150


Adjust gears  £10-20

Gear cable fitting  £10-16

Internal gear cable fitting  £14-35

Derailier fitting  £5-15


Degrease drivetrain  £25-40

Clean whole bike plus
degrease drivetrain  £40-70


Call out fee (up to 15 mile radius£30 

PLUS, either:

Removal of cable lock  £10

or Removal of D lock  £20

For further info, click here

Terms & Conditions

Any replacement parts will be quoted before repair or replacement but will not be covered under the normal service packages.

Any information or advice supplied is provided is in good faith and reflects reasonable care & skill.

All work carried out is in accordance with recognised commercial practice & standards in the cycle industry.

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